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    About Us

    About Us

    Established in 1988, Neltron started as a small electronic components trading firm in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, Neltron has become a dedicated specialist in the field of electronic connectors and tailored solution for customized connectors with 30 years of experience. Our strong designing capability has created a wide range of products that are well- recognized internationally. We respond fast, welcome and implement new ideas and consistently offer our customers flexibility and high quality service. Our competitive pricing made us an excellent choice with all our products made in Taiwan.

    Overall Company Strategy

    • Prompt response and good services

    • Active promotions to customers

    • 20 years of TS16949 experience

    • Responsible company taking care of all stakeholders and environment

    Production and Development

    Our production team and R&D department develop a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies for OEM and design-in projects.

    • Strong 3D product design

    • Internal tool design and manufacturing

    • High quality injection molding

    • Development, manufacturing and monitoring of high-performance production lines

    • Automated cable and connector assembly

    Quality Control

    Our quality control system is strictly tailored and oriented with international standards as well as on the highest demands of the automotive, medical, industrial, energy and communication industry.

    • 30-year-long zero-defect philosophy

    • Total Quality Control System

    • Production line monitoring by CCD

    Supply Chain

    • Advanced material and procurement system

    • Strict raw material suppliers selection


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